SPREP Climate Change Matters September Edition

Greetings Climate Change
Matters readers. I like doing
this every month as if I am
talking to you face to face
through our newsletter.

This edition for September
contains some excellent
adaptation initiatives from
Pacific Island Countries
participating in the Pacific
Adaptation to Climate
Change (PACC) project. We
also introduce the Nansen
Initiative on Human Mobility,
Natural Disasters and Climate
Change, a subject of great
interest to all Pacific Island
Countries and Territories.
The support to national meteorological
services is ongoing
and there is some exciting work
lined up for the next two years
at SPREP in collaboration with
WMO and the Finland Met Service.

With the cyclone season just
around the corner for some of
us, this is even more significant
and we acknowledge the roles
of Meteorological Services in
climate change adaptation
and disaster risk reduction. I am
also sure you are curious about
the term 'climate engineering'
and do not forget to participate
in the 9th Pacific Islands
Conference on Nature Conservation
and Protected Areas 2-6
December 2013 -Suva, Fiji.

This edition will tell you more!