SPREP Climate Change Division Climate Change Matters Newsletter November Issue

Talofa colleagues


Trust that all is well in your corner of the Pacific. Please find attached SPREP’s Climate Change Matters Newsletter for November 2013.


Exciting stories in this month’s issue:


· Pacific Ministers prepare for climate change negotiations in Poland

· Ecosystem-Based Management at 9th Pacific Nature Conference

· Neutral ENSO conditions continue in the Pacific

· More extreme rainfall and droughts in store for the Pacific

· Tonga scores a try for climate change adaptation

· PACC Cost Benefit Analysis

· Media and communications training for Pacific negotiators

· Vanuatu gets ready for global climate change summit in Poland


Note that this month’s issue can also be downloaded from the SPREP website at : http://www.sprep.org/attachments/Publications/Newsletters/CCM_Nov_2013.pdf


Happy reading!!!