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Welcome to Climate Finance Resource Page. Use this page to access information on resources and tools that can assist those who wish to know more about accessing Climate Finance.

Climate finance refers to financing channelled by national, regional and international entities for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programs. Contained on this page are some climate finance resources that may be useful to those researching or seeking climate finance:

  1. The NAB’s Directory of Climate Finance Sources
  2. PCCP Climate Finance Navigator and Adaptation Planning Tool
  3. Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub


Climate Finance Sources Directory

The purpose of this directory is to help connect climate finance with those who need it. The NAB has developed a directory of known climate finance sources that details known climate finance sources available to individuals, communities, organisations, government bodies, and the private sector in Vanuatu. Financing amounts, eligibility requirements, and focus areas vary widely depending on the source.

The directory is divided into five sections:

  1. Small-Scale Funds: small funding sources, typically grants, with open applications for individuals, communities, and civil society/non-profit organisations;
  2. Large-Scale Funds: large funding sources characterised by diversified financing mechanisms and generally for government, international/regional organisations, civil society/non-profit organisations, and the private sector;
  3. Private Sector Financing: financing sources or networks exclusively for private sector stakeholders;
  4. Bilateral Funding Sources: bilateral funding provided by national development aid organisations, national development banks, diplomatic missions or foreign consuls; and
  5. International Agencies: international (including non-governmental, regional, and intergovernmental) organisations

Please note that this directory is not exhaustive. It merely serves as a starting point for those pursuing or researching climate finance opportunities.

Pacific Climate Change Portal

The Pacific Climate Change Portal (PCCP) was launched by SPREP in 2012 in response to discussion during the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable in 2009. The PCCP aims to ensure that climate change information, data and tools produced by regional and national institutions are available and easily accessible throughout the Pacific.

The PCCP also contains several supplementary tools, including:

  1. Climate Finance Navigator: A tool designed to assist countries and communities in accessing climate finance across the Pacific. It also maintains a regional database of projects funded by multilateral mechanisms such as the Adaptation Fund, Green Climate Fund, and the Least Developed Countries Fund.
  2. Adaptation Planning Tool: A tool designed to provide easy-to-follow guidance regarding the different objectives and selection criteria of various climate funds relevant to the Pacific, with a focus on the Green Climate Fund. This tool is designed for Pacific island country governments, including GCF National Designated Authorities (NDAs), government officials and other non-government entities interested in accessing climate finance to address their climate change priorities.

Commonwealth Climate Finance Access Hub



The Climate Finance Access Hub (the Hub) is the Commonwealth’s response to the ongoing and future threats of climate change to its member countries, including Vanuatu. The primary aim of the Hub is to help small and vulnerable countries such as Vanuatu access international sources of climate finance to meet their priority adaptation and mitigation needs and realize their sustainable development goals. 

The Republic of Vanuatu was among the first of the Commonwealth member countries to request support from the Hub.


How does the Hub work?

The delivery mechanism for the Hub involves the placement of long-term climate finance experts in beneficiary countries and regional organisations to build capacity for enhanced access and effective use of private and public climate finance resources.

The services of the Hub are demand driven and a network of long-term national and regional advisers support the countries to develop transformative projects required to access funds and support institutional capacity to deliver on climate finance. 

The Hub is financially supported by the Australian Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat.


Additional Information

The Hub services are open to all Commonwealth member countries through a request from the Commonwealth focal point, Lionel Warimavute (

For more information and request for services of the Hub please visit the Commonwealth Hub’s website or contact