Request for tenders – Gap analysis on Loss and Damage


File: AP 1/4/3
Date: 2 March 2015
To: Interested Consultant
Subject: Request for tenders – Gap analysis on Loss and Damage

1. Background

  1. 1.1.  The Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) is an intergovernmental organization charged with promoting cooperation among Pacific islands countries and territories to protect and improve their environment and ensure sustainable development.

  2. 1.2.  For more information, see:

2. Specification: statement of requirement

2.1. SPREP invites tenders from qualified and experienced consultants who can offer their services to conduct a gap analysis study on environmental, economic and social loss and damage due to climate change in three Pacific Island Countries.

While the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) itself does not have an agreed definition of Loss and Damage, a working definition has been proposed by Warner et al (2012) as, “the negative effects of climate variability and climate change that people have not been able to cope with or adapt to” (Warner et al., 2012). Loss and damage results from a spectrum of climate change impacts, from extreme events to slow onset processes (UNFCCC, 2012; Warner et al, 2012). Climate Change is defined by the UNFCCC as “ a change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and which is in addition to natural climate variability observed over comparable time periods”.

  1. 2.2.  The successful consultant will need to provide a research framework and methodology, manage national counterparts, carry out data collection in Samoa, Vanuatu and Kiribati, analyze the data and write a report. The findings will be presented to the Loss and Damage working group at the Pacific Islands Climate Change Roundtable (to be held in Apia, week of May 18th) as well as to the SPREP loss and damage team.

  2. 2.3.  It is expected that the work will commence in March 2015, with preliminary findings to be presented at the May PCCR, and all work to conclude by end of June 2015. The outputs required for this consultancy and expected timelines is provided in the terms of reference attached.

  3. 2.4.  The Terms of Reference for this consultancy is part of this tender document as Annex 1.



3. Conditions: information for interested consultantspage1image23160page1image23320page1image24224page1image25712page1image26136page1image26880page1image28368page1image28792page1image30280

3.1. To be considered for this tender, interested consultants must meet the following conditions: a) Demonstrate expertise on the subject of loss and damage to climate change
b) Have worked on climate change or related issues in the Pacific Islands Region
c) Be available to do the work in the time frame proposed

d) Demonstrated writing skills, particularly in the area of technical reports and proposal writing

e) Demonstrate value for money

4. Submission guidelines

  1. 4.1.  Tender documentation should demonstrate that the interested consultant satisfies the conditions stated above and is capable of meeting the specifications and timeframes, and provide supporting examples to address the evaluation criteria.

  2. 4.2.  Tender documentation should outline the interested consultant’s complete proposal: methods, personnel (and their skill sets / curricula vitae), timeframes and costs.

5. Evaluation criteria

5.1. SPREP will select a preferred supplier on the basis of SPREP’s evaluation of the extent to which their tender documentation demonstrates that they offer the best value for money, and that they satisfy the following criteria:

  1. a)  Demonstrated expertise on the subject of loss and damage to climate change, in particular related to loss and damage under the UNFCCC.

  2. b)  At least 5 years of working experience on climate change or related issues in the Pacific Islands Region

  3. c)  Be familiar with the literature and methods used in doing loss and damage assessments

  4. d)  Have successfully worked with, and coordinated, national counterparts

  5. e)  Be familiar with the progress and status of loss and damage issues in international

    climate change negotiations

  6. f)  Demonstrated experience in technical report and proposal writing

  7. g)  A post graduate degree in science relevance to climate change and disaster risk

    management would be an advantage.

6. Deadline

  1. 6.1.  The due date for submission of the tender is: March 13 , 2015.

  2. 6.2.  Late submissions will be returned unopened to the sender.

  3. 6.3.  Please send all tenders clearly marked ‘TENDER: GAP ANALYSIS ON LOSS AND DAMAGE’ to any of the following:




PO Box 240




Person: Submit by hand in the tenders box at SPREP reception, Vailima, Samoa.



6.4 For any clarification contact Diane McFadzien, on