Project Officer (REDD+ project)


Position Description

Live & Learn Environmental Education

Project Officer


Job Title:

Project Officer (REDD+ project)

Position type:

Full time (yearly contract, project term 3 years - ending December 2015)


1,080,000 – 1,200,000 per annum


Contribute to the development of education, planning and capacity building programs associated with the REDD+ project. Organize, deliver and evaluate grass roots engagement (including delivery of workshops & establishment of pilot Agroforestry Plot) with target villages participating in the REDD+ project.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.     Commit to developing an excellent working knowledge of climate change and REDD+

2.     Assist in the delivery of grass roots engagement (including delivery of workshops) with target villages participating in the REDD+ project

3.     Coordinate the establishment of REDD+ forest plots (i.e. plot design, budgeting for planting, monitoring and maintenance, assisting with carbon measurement etc)

4.     Contribute to the development of education, planning and capacity building materials, including facilitators guides and resources using multi-media

5.     Provide support to Live & Learn’s REDD+ program through follow-up village visits, establishing and maintaining networks

6.     Provide reports and acquittals on field work as required by the Live & Learn Good Practice Manual

7.     Undertake research in the areas of forestry and land use management as directed

8.     Build networks and partnerships with other agencies in accordance with the organisational objectives of Live & Learn, including with Government and non-government organisations and communities

Reports Directly to:

·      Vanuatu Country Manager on Human Resource issues and all issues related to day-to-day work in the Vanuatu office

·      REDD+ Regional Project Advisor/Coordinator on matters specific to REDD+ project design, implementation and evaluation


Directly Supervises:


Internal Personal Contacts With:

·        Regional Program Manager

·        Regional REDD+ Project Advisor

·        REDD+ Project Officer

·        Volunteers/ Advisors

·        Live & Learn staff in the Pacific and Australia

External Personal Contacts With:

·        Villages participating in REDD+

·        ‘Partner’ organizations (e.g. GTZ)

·        Consultants engaged on the REDD+ project

·        Department of Forestry, other Government Departments and Non-Government organisations

Experience and Personal Attributes:

·        Sound knowledge and experience in forestry, forest science and/or agriculture.

·        Basic understanding of REDD+ but willingness and ability to develop a detailed knowledge

·        Proven ability and experience in workshop facilitation and giving presentations

·        Proven ability to write reports, develop budgets and prepare acquittals

·        Good communication and interpersonal skills

·        Ability to work independently and as part of a small team

·        Ability to build networks and work effectively in partnership with government and non-government agencies, as well as with the Live & Learn team, both within Vanuatu and overseas.






The applicant is required to submit a written application that addresses the essential and desirable selection criteria. You are also required to supply Curriculum Vitae providing a complete history of your working/academic career.


All applicants need to provide the contact details for three professional referees.

Addressing the Selection Criteria

This document is the most important part of your application.


Addressing the selection criteria is your opportunity to demonstrate to the panel your experience, knowledge and skills relevant to the position.


Applicants must address all the Selection Criteria, as specified above, in a detailed and job tailored written submission.  (It is not sufficient to submit only a general resume). For example applicants should aim to write a brief (say ½ - 1 page) statement on each criterion. You should aim to explain your experience to that criterion, identify how you possess those skills or knowledge, and identify events/projects where you have used these attributes.


It is advisable to use each of the selection criteria as a heading and logically set out your claim for the position, and use specific examples to demonstrate that you do meet the requirements of the position.  Applicants should address both the essential & the desirable criteria in their written applications. To be considered for an interview, applicants will usually be required to demonstrate in their written application that they meet the essential selection criteria; however, ability to meet the desirable criteria may also be taken into consideration.

Curriculum Vitae

In addition to addressing the Selection Criteria, you should supply a Curriculum Vitae providing a complete history of your working/academic career. Your Curriculum Vitae should include the following:


·       Personal details such as place of residence, contact telephone numbers, residency status;

·       Details of your academic and/or professional training;

·       A brief description of work experience, documented from most recent to least recent;

·       Copy of your qualification(s);

·       Description of your achievements or accomplishments relevant to the position.



Submitting your application

Please send a full CV with 3 referees marked ‘Confidential’ to Live & Learn Environmental Education, PO Box 1629, Port Vila, or deliver in person to Live and Learn, Erakor House (Opposite Korman Roundabout/Road to Erakor Bridge). Applications close on 27 January 2013

Please note that late applicants will not be considered.


Selection Criteria




  1. Formal qualifications (degree or diploma) in the environmental sciences (Forest science and/or agriculture preferred)

2.     Excellent organisational skills and ability to use initiative

3.     Demonstrated good understanding of climate change issues

  1. Demonstrated skills in delivering presentations, motivating others and training
  2. Demonstrated understanding of project management including planning, reporting and evaluation
  3. Well developed written communication and oral communication skills
  4. Demonstrated ability to develop networks, partnerships and maintain these relationships
  5. Demonstrated computer skills with the ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel, Skype and other computer applications




  1. Experience in developing materials for education, planning or communication


  1. Experience in working with chiefs and villages


  1. Experience in new enterprise development



Further Information


For further information please contact:


Anjali Nelson

REDD+ Regional Project Advisor

Live and Learn Environmental Education

Erakor House(Opposite Korman Roundabout/Road to Erakor Bridge)

Ph: 27448