VCAP Progressive Report 4

The implementation of VCAP this quarter began at Epi sites with the upland and fisheries output activities. The upland team had established one permanent nursery where 2,000 plus fruits and timber trees seedlings are raised for distributing to all farmers in the project sites for reforestation upland at the water catchment areas. The team has also established 3 multi-cropping plots for introducing resilience crops to the farmers and planted vetiver grasses, natangura seedlings, pandanus along the eroded coastlines for reducing the activities for coastal erosions.Fisheries team has deployed some FADs (Fish Aggregated Devices) at Epi as well for improving the marine resources at the reefs. The consultations with the communities and their VDCs (Village Development Committees) have educated the people to preserve their marine resources by introducing preservation areas along the coasts. The people have learned to improved their lively hoods by following these activities carried out by the fisheries and upland teams.The project will further the implementation of various activities at Pentecost sites, Tafea outer islands sites as part of the recovery program of cyclone Pam which was mandated by the Government. Project Coordinators will further their various activities to other project sites such as South malekula, South Santo and Torres islands in the coming quarters. These output activities include the upgrade of access roads to the market, health and educations facilities.Furthermore, the project will also assist the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazard Department(VMGD) for upgrading the Automatic Weather Stations at the 6 Provinces of the Country including the Integrated Weather Forecasting System at VMGD. These systems will provide the automatic early warning system throughout the Country where dissemination of weather information will reach the people in the communities in good times.The project will also support the Local Area Councils through the Country especially in the targeted 6 project sites for improving the climate proofed facilities where these activities on ground will be strengthen by the Local Area Councils with the equipment provided such as new office buildings, computers, printers, generators and projectors for education purposes in the communities about the Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal zone in Vanuatu.Project team is focusing with the implementation of the various activities and aiming to complete all of the activities on ground in all the project sites within the duration of 5 years.This Report features the following Contents:1. Participants of VCAP Inception Training at the Ministry Of Climate Change, Port Vila.2. Key Outputs From VCAP Site Coordinator Induction & Review Workshop3. Establishment OF Agro - Forestry Nursery on Epi4. VCAP STAFFS PROFILE (New Intake)5. Torres Mission Trip Report6. FADs Deployment on Epi7. VCAP HIGHLIGHT SHOTS

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