With 177 participating countries, Energy Globe is the biggest platform for sustainability and the world’s number 1 environmental award. Our most important goal is to introduce and award innovative showcase projects and smart technologies from all over the world that are capable of creating sustainable change.
The Energy Globe Award is presented in the 6 categories of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Youth and Sustainable Plastics – the 4 basic elements of life,  projects implemented by young people and the sustainable use of plastics. The best projects of each individual country are presented with national awards. All national winners are then presented on 5 June, World Environment Day, on Energy Globe’s  global online platform.
Each year, the international Energy Globe Awards for each of the 6 categories are presented in the course of an internationally televised ceremony by international celebrities. A 10,000 Euro cash prize is distributed among the 6 categories.
Projects may be submitted e.g. with a focus on the conservation of resources, improvement of air and water quality, energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, recycling or awareness raising in these areas.

For details concerning the Energy Globe Award, entry information and entry form downloading as well as sample projects, please see
Deadline for submission: 18. November 2016

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