Information on Climate Engineering

Climate engineering (CE), also known as geoengineering, describes
a diverse and largely hypothetical array of techniques for manipulating
the global climate in order to moderate or forestall some of
the effects of climate change. CE techniques aim either to remove
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it, or to reflect some
of the incoming sunlight back into space. The former techniques are
known as Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), and focus either on enhancing
existing carbon dioxide removal processes in natural systems
(e.g. soils, forest, and oceans), or on filtering carbon dioxide out of
the atmosphere with technological means. The latter techniques,
known as Solar Radiation Management (SRM), focus on increasing
the reflectivity of existing surfaces (clouds, forests, deserts, oceans,
urban areas), forming a reflective particle layer in the middle atmosphere,
or deploying mirrors in space.

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