Disaster response systems in the Pacific- Policy Brief for Pacific Island Countries

Climate change is likely to affect the pattern of some disasters in the Pacific, and therefore the organisations and systems involved in disaster response. The aim of this research was to provide recommendations to policy makers and practitioners in the Pacific and Australian disaster response sectors on current adaptive capacity of Pacific island countries to climate related disasters (e.g. tropical cyclones), and identify the resources, policies and systems needed in the coming years to enhance this capacity. A further aim was to inform improved planning and more effective response through analysis of the Australian disaster response system and related organisations’ capacity, role and obligations to assist Pacific island countries (PICs) in times of disaster. This Policy Brief is part of a series, presenting research conducted in 2012 which focused on how the immediate humanitarian needs following disasters are met by various stakeholders, both in the affected country and those offering support from outside and the capacity of these systems to adapt under a changing climate. This Policy Brief provides recommendations for PIC national stakeholders on policy related issues. Others in the policy brief series focus on Regional and Australian stakeholders.  

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