Kastom embodies and expresses the knowledge, practices and relationships of the people of
Vanuatu and encompasses and distinguishes the many different cultures of Vanuatu.
The people of Vanuatu recognise the importance of knowing, preserving and developing
their kastom and history.
Kastom belongs to individuals, families, lineages and communities in Vanuatu. Any research
on kastom must, in the first instance, respond to and respect the needs and desires of those
people to whom the kastom belongs.
Research is the documentation and creation of knowledge. As such, research results
incorporate the particular viewpoints of researchers.
Research in practice is a collaborative venture involving researchers, individual and groups
of informants, local communities, chiefs and community leaders, cultural fieldworkers, cultural
administrative bodies and local and national governments, and must be approached as such.

Any research or Film making in vanuatu has to go through the policy before any further work is done.

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