The successes of the Amal-Crab Bay initiative in conserving
marine resources in their tabu area, located on the
eastern coastline of the island of Malekula, Vanuatu, has
been underpinned by the use of a traditional resource
management system and innovative awareness-raising
efforts. The bay forms part of the Port Stanley mangrove
area, and is home to extensive fringing reefs, sea grass beds,
and a high abundance of crabs. This resource is critical for
local livelihoods and food security, and has been the focus
of sustainable harvesting regulations since 2002, when
community chiefs instituted a ban on harvesting within the
mangrove forests.

These community-led efforts have been strengthened
with support from an array of international partners; as a
result, the initiative has overseen an increase in marine and
coastal resources, compiled an evidence base for the bay’s
mangrove ecosystem, and developed local ecotourism


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