Gender and Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Action:

Participants were asked to complete a pre-workshop survey prior to the workshop and were again given the same survey questions at the end of the workshop to evaluate themselves on the building up of their knowledge of Gender and Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Action. It is pleasing to note that for most participants, there were leaps in their knowledge base which is clearly identifiable in their evaluations. For instance, prior to the workshop, participants were generally of the view that the protection of women and girls from violence can only be addressed in the protection cluster. At the end of the workshop the participants realised that each cluster are supposed to ensure that protection is factored into their response strategies and plans. Participants are now also aware that humanitarian relief can unintentionally increase violence against women and girls, a perception that most of them thought otherwise prior to the workshop. Overall the participants felt that their understanding of the basic concepts of Gender and Gender in emergencies has vastly improved. The table below clear distinguishes these changes. The table is a sample of 10 participants whose attendance was consistent throughout the workshop.  

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