Overview of Potential CDM Project Opportunities in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an archipelago of volcanic islands and submarine volcanoes located between latitude12o and 23o south and longitude 166o to 173o east, some 1,300 km from north to south in theWestern Pacific Ocean. It comprises over 80 islands with land area of 12,336 km2 and a maritimeexclusive economic zone of 680,000 km2. The two largest islands, Espiritu Santo and Malekulacomprise nearly 50% of the total land mass. The total coastline is about 2,528 km long.The climate in Vanuatu varies from wet tropical in the northern islands to dryer subtropical in thesouth of the archipelago. Average temperatures range between 21oC and 27oC and averagehumidity ranges between 75% and 80%. 

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