Adaptation made to measure

The growing amount of international climate financing creates a particular need for clear, adaptation-related
results verification to justify continued funding. Adaptation to climate change is
still a comparatively new field of international cooperation with its own specifics but also with
close links to existing areas of work and methods, for example in disaster risk management, rural
development, agriculture, natural resource management and water.

This guide seeks to help project designers and implementers to design adaptation projects
from the outset to pinpoint specific aspects of adaptation to climate change and provide the
requisite clear evidence of results achieved by means of an appropriate results monitoring

It therefore pays special attention to demonstrating the relation between adaptation and development
and the challenges posed by the specifics of adaptation for the design of related projects
and measurement of their results. It proposes a five-step model, summarised in Figure 9.

Specific examples of projects and indicators, particularly the CCA RAI project in India, illustrate
the content and are intended as a reference point in designing adaptation projects and their M&E

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