TC Harold relief supplies on Pentecost

Distribution at the onsite EOC at Melsisi in Central Pentecost.

Continuous distributions of emergency aid have continued in affected communities in Pentecost. 

TC Harold on site Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at Melsisi carried out the response to the victims around the area council of Central Pentecost 2 (CP2) with the assistance of NDMO and Red Cross volunteers.

There are 16 distribution sites for CP2 with a total population of 4,281 and three distribution sites completed on Sunday were Vansemakul, Bines and vaiwos for the ward councils of Vanmelang, Maurep, Lesubelakan and Ranwadi. Other affected areas within CP2 and other area councils will be covered in the coming days. These distributions sites are focal points for pickup for other surrounding villages and areas that cannot be accessed by land transport.

A total of 241 bags of 18kg Rice, 241 cartons of water and 241 cartons of tin tuna was distributed to the three sites and was well received by the heads of households.

Vanuatu Ferry has left Port Vila for Pentecost with more relief supplies for other parts of Pentecost this week.

The EOC has completed stocking up relief supplies shipped from Port Vila at Melsisi for distribution on Saturday.

In addition, the scope of response for TC Harold covers the whole island of Pentecost so EOC is making sure relief recipients have equal access to the relief supplies.

EOC Planning and Logistics team have verified data collected from the Rapid Assessments that was carried out right after TC Harold to enable swift distribution.