Relief supplies being unloaded at the airport this week.

The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is receiving assistance from International partners to address the impacts for both the TC Harold and the COVID 19 pandemic.

New Zealand has already sent two loads of supplies using its C130 Military Transport aircraft into Port Vila.

The recent load of supplies include 2,500 Tarpolines, 50 shelter Kits and 150 family kit. All goods have been handled under strict COVID 19 protocols and disinfected.

All crew on the aircraft underwent days of quarantine and tested before the flight.

COVID 19 is an important issue for Vanuatu as well as the donor partners. Vanuatu so far been successful in keeping the virus out of the country.

The NDMO has tasked a special COVID 19 Advisory group to ensure COVID 19 protocol is observed throughout the country including the borders.

New Zealand is a member of the FRANZ group that comprises of France, Australia and New Zealand that are assisting Vanuatu at the moment.

When announcing the list of items on the second flight to Vanuatu, New Zealand High Commissioner to Vanuatu, his Excellency Jonathan Schwass says New Zealand is well aware of the fact that the Tourism Industry has been hit with the Coronavirus and now TC Harold has seriously affected the Agriculture Industry.

And a lot of work needs to be done to rebuild the economy and New Zealand want to help as much as possible.

The first supply flight from New Zealand included a Helicopter. New Zealand also provided Arial surveillance that helped the NDMO in organising its relief supply plan to the affected islands.

Mr. Schwass says, New Zealand is ready to assist at any time in future depending on the needs of the NDMO.