Massive Open Online Course on Off-grid Electricity

A professional Massive Open Online Course on off-grid electricity access is starting at the end of October!

The course adopts a unique multidisciplinary perspective to develop innovative mindsets and cross boundaries, key to the off-grid revolution. It is not just engineering or business, social or political. It is all this! To reach this, the course relies on the complementary expertise of practitioners, business developers, academic experts and non-profit organisation leaders, all active in different countries.

Scholarships are available.

MOOC1 - To foster viable projects

Strategic objectives

•             Discover the sector of the off-grid renewable energy systems and their importance for energy access.

•             Understand the challenges and conditions to make off-grid renewable electricity projects happen, even at the bottom-of-the pyramid.

Intended Learning Outcomes  

On completing this course, you will:

•             Know about the most recent trends, main characteristics and applications of off-grid renewable electricity systems.

•             Have the abilities to assess the benefits and social value of off-grid renewable electricity projects in developing countries.

•             Have the skills to foster the sustainability of off-grid renewable electricity projects in developing countries.

•             Know how to define the principles of a smart energy framework to enable off-grid renewable energy systems.

•             Have developed a network of contacts and knowledge sources within and outside the course environment.

Key dates

Student access to the course will be enabled starting [30th, October, 2017] and disabled on [22th, December, 2017].