Free Online Curriculum: USAID LEAF’s Regional Climate Change

As part of its efforts to prepare a future cadre of climate change professionals, USAID LEAF and the US Forest Service worked with 14 universities and training institutes from the Asia-Pacific to develop an innovative climate change curriculum for the Asia-Pacific region. Visit our Process and Partners pages to learn more about how the curriculum was created.

The curriculum is a free resource of teaching materials for university professors, lecturers, teachers and climate change training experts. The modules offers an excellent introduction of climate concepts, social and environmental issues, land use planning, and carbon measurement. The curriculum materials include presentations, lecturer notes and supporting materials. The key ingredient of the curriculum is YOU.  You can study the curriculum materials, adapt these materials, design your courses, teach the courses, improve the materials and share your success stories. We hope you enjoy studying and adapting USAID LEAF’s Climate Change Curriculum!

The curriculum can be accessed at