Millennium Development Goals 2010 Report for Vanuatu

The drafting of this national MDG report took place over three months by representatives from the Prime Ministers Office guided by the National MDG Report Advisory Group and with assistance from a consultant recruited by UNDP. The Advisory Group constituted the director generals and directors from key Government agencies tasked with both creating the enabling environment for achieving the MDGs and the sectors responsible for implementing the policies, as well as representatives from development partners and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). At the sector level the work was guided by the four Thematic Task Forces (TTFs) in the strategic sectors of: 1. Macroeconomic (including poverty and partnerships for development) 2. Education and Gender 3. Health 4. Environment (including energy, water supply and sanitation) The TTFs, established in 2008, work within their sectors with specialised sub—groups to promote the achievement of the MDGs by 2015 through integrating MDG targets into policies and programmes. These TTFs and sector sub—groups were involved in the drafting process of the Vanuatu MDG Report 2010 and requested to provide key strategies for their sector for achieving the MDGs as well as other specialised information such as national targets and statistical indicators. A stakeholder consultation workshop provided the basis for input from representatives from Government, CSOs and the general public. During the workshop different groups presented their views on the enabling environment for achieving the MDGs by 2015, as well as the state of the policy environment, achievements and challenges for the global development agenda. These inputs were then included as appropriate in the draft MDG report which was then circulated to all stakeholders for their comments and suggestions. These were then presented as an attachment to the final report presented to the National MDG Report Advisory Group for endorsement. Awareness about the drafting of the national MDG report and information about the stakeholder consultations was disseminated regularly through national radio, television and newspaper based information and communication materials. A national competition for drawings and photographs to be included in the final report was also conducted. This is Vanuatu’s second national MDG report; the first was based on progress reported in 2005. The drafting of the 2010 report engaged with a broader range of stakeholders and tried to voice their views of what is required to achieve the MDGs by 2015 for everyone in Vanuatu.  

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