MEDIA RELEASE - Vanuatu youth spread solutions for climate change at media showcase event

Vanuatu youth spread solutions for climate change at media showcase event

Port Vila high school students presented their own climate change television, radio and other media productions to key decision makers at a showcase event held on the 8th of November, at the Vanuatu Meteo Office.

This showcase was the final culmination of the Australian Aid-funded PACMAS initiative A2C2 (Action Against Climate Change) inVanuatu, with funding from the Pacific - Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) Program.

High school students from Port Vila’s Central School andLycée Louis Antoine de Bougainville (LAB) shared their stories about climate change and its impacts on their environment and their future. These Vanuatu youths presented the short films, radio programs and other media productions they have produced over the last 4 months with the support of their local climate change and mediamentors. The project has also highlighted the importance of enabling those most affected by climate change to propose their solutions to climate change impacts, and for these solutions to be heard locally and more broadly through effective engagement with the media.

The presentations included TV documentaries, a roleplay, TV drama, newspaper article and even a radio program. The students shared the message: “What are we gonna do about it now?” to highlight the importance of taking action now to address climate change issues and involve their friends, families and communities in local solutions.

The event was opened byMr Jesse Benjamin, Acting Director General for the Ministry of Climate Change, and MrDavid Momcilovic, First Secretary for the Australian High Commission.

Ms Joelle Auffray, Co-Founder of Apidae Development Innovations, said the voice of the youth came through strongly in these media productions.

“These media productions demonstrate that young people are thinking about solutions for the future. By communicating these messages through different forms of media, youth can have an impact on how people think about and make decisions on climate change.

Students were also presented with awards for their hard work, including the award forBest Overall Media Product, which was awarded to the students of Central School, who produced a TV Drama about gender and climate change. Other awards given were:Best Science Communication, awarded to the students of Lycée College for their agroforestry newspaper story;Best Creativity was awarded to the students of Central School for their radio program about water management and climate change;Best Teamwork was awarded to the students of Lycée College for their coastal erosion TV mini-documentary;Best Effort went to the students of Central School for roleplay about fisheries and climate change. And finally, theBest Communicated Adaptation Solution award went to the students of Lycée College for their Disaster Risk Reduction and Disabilities TV mini-documentary.

“The productions of these students were truly excellent. They communicated the science on climate change and adaptation solutions in very creative ways that really captivated the audience,” Ms Auffray said.

Key officials from the Australian High Commission, the Vanuatu Ministry of Climate Change, the Vanuatu Ministry of Education, SPC-GIZ, the Vanuatu National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (NAB), Vanuatu Meteorology & Geohazards Department and other government and international agencies attended the event.

More information:

The A2C2 (Action Against Climate Change) project is a collaboration between PACMAS and the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) Program and aims to showcase “voices of youth” to raise awareness about local climate change solutions. It is a partnership between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation through the Australian Aid-funded PACMAS, the Australian Government Department of the Environment, and implemented by Apidae Development Innovations.
Joelle Auffray (Co-Founder, Apidae),

Jacqui Berrell (Communications Specialist)