Media Release - Live & Learn Vanuatu, Department of Forestry and Santo Community start first REDD+ agroforest​ry plot in Vanuatu

Press release

16th November 2013 – for immediate release


Live & Learn Vanuatu, Department of Forestry and Santo Community start first REDD+ agroforestry plot in Vanuatu


On Saturday 16 November 2013 a team consisting landowners of Loru Protected Area, Live & Learn Vanuatu staff and staff from the Department of Forestry will begin planting the Country’s first REDD+ Agroforestry plot.


Live & Learn has been working with the Serakar Family over the last two years to build understanding about the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation.  Live & Learn is running a pilot project with the Serakar clan to encourage tree planting on degraded land as a way of decreasing pressure on the forest but also as a way of combating climate change.


“Trees suck up carbon dioxide – a major the greenhouse gas in the air – and they help to reduce the impact of climate change.  They store carbon and clean the air.


Said Live & Learn Vanuatu’s Project Coordinator, Glarinda Andre,


We will be planting a mixture of tree species side by side with root crops and vegetables.  Local farmers will look after the young trees while they take care of their crops.  Once the crops have been harvested, the trees will then continue to grow becoming a source of income in the future through nuts and timber.” 


The trees planted amongst the crops will also help to improve the soil, prevent soil erosion, help to control floods, droughts and the impacts of cyclones. Agroforestry can also lead to better crop yields and provide other nutritionally important foods like nuts, fruits and breadfruit.  The technique can also save farmers’ time as they work one plot more intensively than needing to clear and manage a plot for garden and a plot for trees.


Glarinda adds;


“Enabling Ni-Vanuatu people to participate in REDD+ requires more than raising awareness about forests and climate change. It also requires learning and practicing good governance and management of money and resources.”


Business development is therefore also underway and extremely important to ensure that managing the land can continue in a sustainable way while enhancing the livelihoods of those who depend on it.


 “If we find this pilot project is successful, we may have a tool that can be replicated in many places across Melanesia.” Says Glarinda.


Live & Learn’s REDD+ project is funded for 5 years by the European Union to the value of 2,001,965 Euro. The main beneficiaries are the people and Governments of Fiji and Vanuatu, with lessons learned shared in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

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Members of the media are welcome to attend the planting day.  Please contact Anjali Nelson for more details: / (+678) 567 3840 or (+678) 36807