Let's Rise: the Pacific Climate Warriors!

Warm Pacific greetings,

This week is an important one - right now our leaders are meeting in the Marshall Islands for the Pacific Island Leaders Forum. The Marshall Island Government has done an amazing job of calling on world leaders to join a new wave of leadership on climate change - and have made a big splash in the global media. But heroic government efforts aren’t going to be enough to save many of our Islands from climate change.

Too much power lies with fossil fuel corporations and individuals, and it currently beats the desperate urging of our Pacific Island leaders. So our leaders must keep doing the important work they are doing, but it’s also time for the Pacific Islands to call up its ancient and wise warrior traditions to face up to the enemy of the 21st century: the Fossil Fuel Industry.

Earlier this year, warriors across 14 Island nations (including many of you reading this email!) rose up to show that “We are not drowning. We are fighting.” It’s captured in this recently released three minute video summary. Just click on the image or here<http://act.350.org/go/3703?t=1&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc> to watch the video on Youtube.


Click here to share the video on Facebook.<http://act.350.org/go/3708?t=3&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc>

The Fossil Fuel Industry plans on digging up five times more fossil fuels than the world can safely handle. So in other words, it’s either up to the Fossil Fuel Industry to back down, or the Pacific Islands to back down. It is only natural then that our warriors rise as they have over centuries past to protect our homes, our cultures, our ecosystems, oceans and Islands. We are rising to show that we will not back down. The Fossil Fuel Industry is on warning: backdown now, leave fossil fuels in the ground.

This is unlike any warrior rallying cry ever made to the Pacific Islands. It’s not called for by political leaders, it’s not called for from one island, but it’s called for from the grassroots (or as we prefer, the coconut roots). In the coming months teams of warriors across 15 Pacific Island nations will enter into training and preparations for the coming confrontation with the fossil fuel industry.

Click here, fill out a short form, and we'll get in touch about the next steps for your local Climate Warrior Team!<http://act.350.org/go/3709?t=4&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc>

While in the past, warriors of the Pacific have taken up arms in their fierce fights, this fight against the fossil fuel industry is fierce, but fiercely non-violent. They will fight the Fossil Fuel Industry not with clubs and spears, but with a coordinated, focused wave of non-violent direct action, coupled with ongoing local organising and diligent use of social media. Details of our coming plans are laid out in our new 350 Pacific Three Year Strategy [click here to download<http://act.350.org/go/3710?t=5&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc>].

To coincide with the Pacific Island Leaders Forum, our Climate Warriors are running local events to initiate and build your Island's base warrior base. In due course, we will announce where and how we will first take the fight to the Fossil Fuel Industry, but for now we have ground work to do.

Share the video<http://act.350.org/go/3708?t=6&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc>, share the strategy<http://act.350.org/go/3710?t=7&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc>, and click here<http://act.350.org/go/3709?t=8&akid=3523.930024.sPz5Cc> to find out how you can join a local Climate Warrior team!

Let's get ready!

Koreti, Aaron for the 350 Pacific network