Invitation to participat​e for SPC's ICI-Pacifi​c project Global Learning Platform- online forum discussion

This is to kindly invite you and your focal groups/networks to register and participate via on-line discussion on our “Global Learning Platform”. The platform is part of our 3 year project “Gender in adaptation and low carbon development”, implemented collaboratively between the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, GenderCC (Germany) and Centre for Global Change (Bangladesh).The aim of the platform is to create and advance our knowledge regarding tactics, strategies, tools and ideas of how we can achieve a gender just world in times of heightened climate change along different modules and topics.
The module on“Gender Sensitive Adaptation” is aimed at practitioners working in the field of adaptation to climate change with a strong focus on gender sensitivity. There is plenty of people working on adaptation, yet few take gender into consideration or they merely treat it as an add on component. We saw the need to fill this gap and compile practical information and provide a platform for sharing first hand experiences. On the Global learning Platform you can:-get into contact with other practitioners,-share your knowledge and expertise through the use of for a-let others know where or what you are working on via a keeping a blog,-learn from others, develop strategies by participating in discussions in the for a,-ask practical questions such as what gender-sensitive adaptation would look like,-share interesting work you have done (case studies, reports etc.) and receive feedback by uploading literatures, videos or other material. With this email you receive practical information on how you can participate and use GenderCC’s Global learning Platform.
This is a chance to get into contact with other climate change and gender practitioners, share your work and ideas or discuss questions and prominent issues. Please note that the platform is still work in progress. You can easily register at GenderCC’s Global Learning Platform ( by creating your own account. You will receive an automatic confirmation to the email address you have provided upon registration (please follow the link). Then you are ready to enrol for the adaptation course or the other modules you are interested in. Don’t forget to include some information in your profile, so others know who you are, where you work and which specific issues you are interested.
If you have questions or encounter problems in terms of your registration and accessing the platform, please contact GenderCC’s project coordinator Conny van Heemstra: She will be able to help if technical or practical questions arise. Attached is also the concept for the Global Learning Platform. I am looking forward to your response and I would happy to have you on board for this exciting project.