Internatio​nal Disaster day -media programs in Vanuatu

Starting tomorrow (9 October) at 9am we have a panel discussion with the NDMO, Vanuatu Disability Association, Save the children to discuss disability in disasters on national radio. -VBTC


The NDMO are planning to place an Ad in the daily post for Friday and Saturday to launch the short code messaging service as well as play the cyclone alert messages which are also helpful for people with disabilities.
VBTC will also share a schedule of programs provided by our VHT members and we will share this as soon as it is ready.


Please also find a series of links of programs broadcast this week for Radio and TV adverts. They can be viewed online or downloaded.

Hope you can open them!

VHT Multi-Media Folder -


TV Advert 1 - Blue light alert -

TV Advert 2 - Yellow light alert -

TV Advert 3 - Red light alert -


Radio Advert 1 - Blue Alert -

Radio Advert 2 - Yellow Alert -

Radio Advert 3 - Red Alert -