Green Climate Fund

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The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is an international climate fund designed to help developing countries respond to climate change by investing in low-carbon resilient development. Countries can access GCF finance through three funding windows: adaptation, mitigation and private sector facility. GCF aims to balance its allocation between adaptation and mitigation while significantly allocating resources to engage the private sector. Furthermore, nearly half of the adaptation pool is expected to be allocated to Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and African states.

For more information, visit the Green Climate Fund website or download the Vanuatu and the Green Climate Fund Information Booklet.




Readiness Programme

In 2016, the Ministry of Climate Change requested Readiness Support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to support the strengthening of the National Designated Authority of the GCF and the development a strategic engagement framework with the fund, called a Country Program (to be guided by both the CCDRR policy the government's policy framework).  

The overall goal of the GCF Readiness Support is to put Vanuatu and its NDA on a path towards enhanced engagement with the Green Climate fund and improve its ownership and governance of climate finance in order to better address the real climate impacts of the most climate vulnerable. As such, the Readiness Program is an on-going process that aims to strengthen Vanuatu's engagement with the fund.  

The support program has begun implementation in 2017 and is structured in 2 distinctive work programs:

1. Strengthening of the NDA– The NAB's Secretariat office within MoCC, will play a key role in NDA strengthening activities and requires additional capacity and targeted expertise and capacity development in order to effectively accelerate their engagement with the Fund and grow this relationship over the long term. The program will specifically target:

a. Development of a Standard Operating Procedure for project appraisal
b. Development of a Vulnerability Assessment Framework
c. Inclusion of Climate Finance Information on the NAB portal.

2. Development of a Strategic Engagement Framework with the Fund– Vanuatu has recently completed a National Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction policy, with Government playing a lead role in ensuring that all international climate finance is disbursed to support these national priorities without overlap or duplication. This coordination requires that a clear role is assigned to the Fund that aligns with other resources and complements and catalyses availability of much needed climate finance. The country program will form the basis for Vanuatu’s continuous strategic engagement with the GCF.

For more information, download the GCF Readiness Programme Country Brief.

Interim Project Appraisal Process

The Project Profile Form is part of the NAB's interim Green Climate Fund Project Appraisal process. Project proponents wishing to apply for the Green Climate Fund should fill out this form.

Before filling out this form, there are a few important things to note: 

• Applicants must find an Accredited Entity (AE) that is committed to apply for funding on your behalf. Only AEs are eligible to apply for GCF funding. A complete list of AEs can be accessed on the AE Directory.
• Strong applications outline clear mitigation or adaptation benefits in at least one of the eight impact areas.  
• Applications should demonstrate alignment with priorities outlined in the national and sectoral policies of the Republic of Vanuatu.
• Competitive applications meet the Investment Framework Indicative Assessment Criteria.

The form should be emailed to the NAB Secretariat at for review and screening.

The form is accessible here.

Click to view: the Project Identification Stage, Project Concept stage and Project funding proposal Stage.


What is the NDA? 
A National Designated Authority (NDA) is the core interface between a country and the Green Climate Fund.

What does the NDA do? 
• Ensures that activities supported by the Fund align with strategic national objectives and priorities.
• Advances ambitious action on adaptation and mitigation in line with national needs.
• Disseminates information on the operational procedures of the Fund, including environmental and social safeguards and the no-objection procedure, to local stakeholders.
• Maintains an overview of all proposals related to the country and disseminates information on projects and programmes through media and relevant netwo rks
• Communicates nominations of entities to the fund
• Implements the No-Objection Procedure

What is an accredited entity (AE)?
A private or public, non-governmental, sub-national, national, regional or international entity that demonstrates adherence to the fiduciary standards and environment and social safeguard standards of the Fund. Depending on their level of accreditation, AEs carry out a range of activities that may include the development of funding proposals and the management and monitoring of projects and programmes.