Global Divestment Day

Dear members,

Apology for this late invitation to the Global Day of Divestment. After 2 meetings for the last few weeks, our members have decided to hosting a Panel discussions on to supporting this global event.
We hope this will be an interesting event for Panelist and also audience to listen and ask question the Panel about Divestment and Investments from Fossil Fuels.
Our key message is;
Fossil Fuel= History
Renhewables= Future
USP students will this be an opportunity to take notes and research.
And very importantly, Please anything Orange on Friday Morning when you come. We will be launching the Fossil Free Charter and also a big group photo with our local Banners. Thanks to those who help out with the Banner.
Attach is Final Program and also script in which certain questions are ask to each panelist.
please do sen me any queries and questions before friday and make sure you come.