First Peoples Worldwide GRANTS - deadline for applicatio​n 31 October 2013

*Subject: First Peoples Worldwide GRANTS - deadline for application 31
October 2013*

Less than 0.01% of the world’s development funding goes directly to
Indigenous communities, including the funding that is intended to benefit
them. Putting resources in the hands of communities on the local level
allows them to address their specific challenges in ways that best suit
their people, their culture, and their unique set of assets. A goal of
First Peoples Worldwide is to ensure that Indigenous communities have
access to funds through a channel that values and respects their expertise,
their ideas, and their voices.

At the center of First Peoples Worldwide’s Indigenous development work is
the Keepers of the Earth Fund, which is designed to provide funding to
locally-initiated development projects in Indigenous communities around the

They award grants to projects that seek to control, utilize, leverage,
retain, create, and increase the assets of Indigenous communities. Among
these assets are land, culture, language, kinship networks, subsistence
activities and personal efficacy. Projects may be geared toward addressing
issues such as food security, securing rights to ancestral lands,
mitigating the effects of climate change, or preserving and renewing
cultural values and traditional knowledge.

All applicants must:

- Be Indigenous-led or represent an Indigenous-led project
- Be a grassroots/local organization or group
- Have an organizational bank account or access to a fiscal sponsor


Grants range from US$500 to US$20,000, and go to projects that are
conceived and implemented by Indigenous communities themselves.

Grant applications are open-format and are intended to allow prospective
grantees to propose projects in whatever manner suits them. Also video
applications are accepted in order to provide an alternative to written

If you prefer a paper copy of your proposal, please download and print the
Instructions on how to submit your application through the mail are
included in the document.
To submit a video application click here

Deadline for application is *31 October 2013*.

For more information, please see