Disaster Risk Reduction Support Officer

Vanuatu Red Cross Society


Job description


Disaster Risk Reduction Support Officer  

Position Title:                   Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Support officer

Reporting to:                     - CEO of the Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS) - authority

                                               - DRR coordinator of the VRCS - technical expertise


Manages:                           - Red Cross Sub Branch Officer(s) on the field (in support of the DRR Officer)


Appointment:                   1 year renewable (as soon as the project starts)

Job location:                      VRCS headquarter in Port-Vila with frequent travels to provinces (Shefa & Tafea)


Purpose of the job: the DRR support officer will support the implementation and reporting of the disaster preparedness and risk reduction activity in two (2) provinces of Vanuatu (Shefa & Tafea). He will be managed daily by the DDR Coordinator and can beneficiate of the punctual support of the DRR Project manager of the French Red Cross if needed. He will work in close relationship with the Disaster Management Team, under the authority of the CEO of the Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS). He will be in close coordination with the Red Cross Branch Manager and volunteers dedicated to the different geographical areas of the project. He will ensure the sustainability of the DRR activities beyond the project timeframe. He will also provide support in the formulation of a DRR strategy for VRCS.


Purpose of the projects: The DRR support officer will work on a new phase of the DRR project of the Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS) called “Together Becoming Resilient” (TBR) that started in 2010 in Torba province. The main objective of this project is to increase the capacities of vulnerable communities in order to limit the potential damage of natural events.

The new phase of the TBR initiative should start this year and will replicate the Community Base DRR methodology in Shefa & Tafea provinces for two years. The main activities of this project will be (i) a vulnerability and capacity assessment (ii) Set up of Community Disaster Committees (CDC) (iii) design of emergency plan (iv) DRR awareness. This project is funded by USAID.



  • To improve the resilience of remote communities of Vanuatu
  • To increase the capacity of communities to prepare and respond to a natural disaster





Duties applicable to all

  • Work towards the achievement of VRCS objectives in the country/province of operation through effective managerial and lateral relations and teamwork
  • To promote and respect Red Cross fundamentals principles
  • Ensure understanding of roles, responsibilities, lateral relationships and accountabilities
  • To perform other tasks as may be assigned by the VRCS CEO (up to 10 % of work time might be dedicated to other VRCS activities)


In close cooperation with the VRCS DM Coordinator and under the supervision of the VRCS DRR Coordinator:


  1. Identify the needs in term of DRR vulnerability in the provinces of Shefa and Tafea:
  • Participate to the preparation and development of community selection templates and collect data to identify the targeted communities with his line manager and authorities;
  • Ensure the relevance of the intervention area, the selection of communities, identification of key stakeholders;
  • Participate to the preparation and development of the baseline survey with his line manager;
  • Participate to the analysis of risks, vulnerabilities and capacities in the communities selected to build resilience;
  • Participate to the monitoring, lessons learnt and evaluation during and at the end of the project.


  1. Manage the implementation and monitor the activities of the program:
  • Ensure the appropriate implementation of the USAID (OFDA) funded TBR Project in TAFEA and SHEFA?
  • Develop monitoring and supervision tools with the support of the DRR team;
  • Respect the work plans and the dead lines of activities.
  • Organize the community work schedule in the targeted communities;
  • Monitor and control the quality of the project implementation in the communities and report any difficulty or problem to the DRR coordinator;
  • Mobilize village authority, village elders and communities for active participation on the program
  • Facilitate the development of community based organisation (CBO) on DRR.


  1. Coordination and lateral relation:
  • Coordinate and guide the DRR Branch Manager and volunteers in the performance of duties;
  • Maintain regular contact with community leaders, community groups, religious groups, sports associations and clubs near to and in the selected communities as well as essential stakeholders and media, for advocacy purposes;
  • Collaborates and ensures relationship with others FRC/VRCS departments (DM, P2HK, DRR, Logistic and Administration etc.);
  • Develop and maintain an effective operational partnership with provincial and area council authority department and other local stakeholders as necessary;
  • Ensures smooth coordination and sharing of information with other partners at provincial and area council level.





  1. Reporting
  • Collect and organise all field supervision weekly/monthly reports and progress, and transmit it to the line manager;
  • Reports immediately any delay or problem encountered;
  • Contribute to the production of timely reports (narrative) - monthly, intermediate and final reports to the VRCS.


The list here above is not exhaustive, and you could be requested to perform other tasks as your supervisor may judge necessary           





  1. Participate in the partnership with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), other government departments (mainly VMGD), and on the field the Area Council Secretary.
  2. Entertain the relation with DRR private stakeholder (NGOs)




  1. 1 year experience in project implementation. Have an experience in Community Based activity in Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) and/or environment will be asset.


  1. Demonstrated experience and competencies in at least two (2) of the following sectors:


  • Work in humanitarian field project
  • Disaster risk reduction activities (Vulnerability assessment, Risk zoning, emergency plan…)
  • Community based program
  • Capacity building/training
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project


  1. University graduate in one of these sectors or field related will be an asset;


  1. Ability and flexibility to travel regularly, particularly in the Shefa and Tafea provinces, as it will be expected from the recruited person to spend several stays of few weeks in the islands.



  1. Excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills
  2. Team management, training and facilitation skills
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills, good records with the DRR key national institutions
  4. Interest in sharing professional skills as well as learning from others
  5. Knowledge of the remote Vanuatu context, in particular of Shefa and Tafea province
  6. Knowledge of Bishlamar required, English and/or French preferred
  7. Open-minded, dynamic and flexible
  8. Excellent computer skills (Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  9. Driving license will be an asset
  10. Knowledge of Red Cross movement will be an asset