Climate Finance Pipeline

The below table is a summary of the current Vanuatu GCF Projects in the pipeline. Fore more information, you may contact the NAB Secretariat for specifics of each project.

Initials under the "FUNDING WINDOW" columns: R (Concept received), N (NDA approved), G (GCF approved), I (Implementing), C (Complete)

Project NAme FUNDING WINDOW Implementation Timeline and Funding
Readiness Project Preparatory Facility Expedited Access Full project Scope Accredited Entity Executing Entity Duration Total GCF Funding USD
R N G  I  C R N G  I  C R N G  I  C R N G  I  C
Climate Information Services for Resilient Development in Vanuatu                                         National SPREP VMDG 2017 - 2021 23,085,947
Vanuatu GCF Readiness Programme                                         National GIZ NAB Sec. & GIZ 2017 - 2018 226,222
Readiness Support for the Development of the Vanuatu National Green Energy Fund                                         National GGGI DoEnergy  2017 - 2018 370,000
Enhancing Early Warning Systems to Build Greater Resilience to Hydrological & Meteorological Hazards in Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS)                                         Regional WMO VMGD 2017 - 2022 46,515,388
Promotion of Energy Efficient Appliances, Lighting & Equipment in Pacific Island Countries                                         Regional UNEP DoEnergy 2017 - 2026 46,500,000
Coastal & Marine Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change Programme                                         Regional IUCN / SPREP N/A 2017 - 2018 1,232,000
Vanuatu National Community Based Climate Change Adaptation Project                                         National STCA Care Int, OXFAM 2018 - 2026 30,000,000
National Adaptation Plan: Vulnerability Assessments                                         National UNEP N/A N/A 3,000,000
Vanuatu Ecosystems & Adaptation Project                                         National UNEP MoCCA/PMU N/A 30,000,000
Promoting Access to Safe, Sustainable Potable Water on Outer Islands/Rural areas in Vanuatu                                         National N/A DoWater N/A 1,500,000
Increasing Climate Change Resilience of Melanesian Island Countries by Implementing Forest Sector Mitigation (REDD+) & Adaptation (FLR) Activities                                         Regional GIZ DoForestry 2019 - 2029 70,000,000
Transformation towards a resilient & climate Smart Agriculture & Productive Sector                                         National FAO MALFFB 2018 - 2030 60,000,000
Pacific Tuna: Climate Change Adaptation to maintain the vital contributions of Tuna to Economic Development & Food Security in the Pacific Islands                                         Regional CI DoFisheries 2018 - 2026 100,000,000
Restore, Conserve & Manage Primary & Secondary Forests Degraded by Invasive Species, Cordia Alliodora, Leucaena Leucecephala & Merramia Peltata                                         National N/A DoForestry 2018 - 2025 63,000,000
Vanuatu GCF Readiness 2018                                         National N/A NAB/ CFWG N/A 1,000,000