Announcing COTS Monitoring Network in Vanuatu

Please find attach a Crown of Thorn Star Fish (COTs) Flyer prepared after some work conducted in Vanuatu by Fisheries Department in Collaboration with IRD Scientist in Noumea.

After the impact of TC Pam, COT’s are a potential threat to the already stressful reefs around the Islands of Vanuatu.

The purpose of this flyer is to inform you on this threat and take appropriate action by reporting any sightings to website


Kind regards

Sompert Gereva

Principal Fisheries Biologist and

Acting Manager Research and Aquaculture Division

Vanuatu Fisheries Dept

VMB 9045



After some delay mainly due to TC PAM, attached is a flyer announcing the starting of a national COTS (crown-of-thorns starfish) monitoring program in Vanuatu.

Our objective is to deliver this information the widest audience possible: conservation NGOS, SCUBA & tourism operators, communities, researchers, fishermen, tourists… anyone that may have the opportunity to spot COTS in the field and send a report through the Vanuatu Fisheries Department website. The ultimate goal of this network is to help develop a relevant strategy to efficiently fight COTS at the country scale.

Please circulate the flyer to your network & contacts ! 

Best regards,



Pascal DUMAS

Chargé de Recherche / Research Officer

IRD Institut de Recherche pour le Développement



Fisheries Department of Vanuatu

PMB 9045 - Port-Vila



Centre de Nouméa

BP A5 - 98 848 Noumea Cedex