Adaptation Actions

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472 - Plant coastal, native, endemic and site adapted species on beaches and vulnerable coasts trees to control erosion
473 - Plant/protect wetland species including mangroves to reduce erosion
473 (a) - Erosion of coastal forest areas
474 - Encourage and assist communities to establish forested buffer zones between the coast and the village
475 - Research the potential for desalination and irrigation of coastal woodlots/plantations
476 - Relocate species of importance to higher grounds to avoid loss through sea water inundation
477 - Adopt coastal management or land use plans
478 - Find and encourage salt tolerant trees
479 - Train bullock to use salt blocks
480 - Allow animals to roam freely on the coast
481 - Allow cows and bullocks to swim in the sea
482 - Allow chickens to walk on the reef flat to find food
483 - Allow pigs to scavange on the coast
484 - Allow pigs to swim in the sea to increase their salinity tolerance levels
485 - To treat chicken pox, wash chickens in salt water
486 - Allow chickens to forage from the reef and beach to uptake minerals that will strengthen their eggs
487 - Relocate vulnerable pastures/enclosures away from the coast
488 - Use proper surveys and an altimeter to select site
489 - Conduct a series of tests on source water quality prior to installing a new supply system
490 - Ensure proper site selection for bore water