Adaptation Actions

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209 - Improve Dept of Geology and Mines operational budget
210 - Water authorities must put in place water conservation or saving measures & awareness
211 - Increase tank size
212 - Increase roof catchment area
213 - Improve design standard to weather drought periods
214 - Need to change water storage and use behaviors and past history – through awareness
215 - Develop standard tank designs for different parts of the country (north south etc)
216 - Develop water recommendations according to local contexts
217 - Ensure that direct sunlight does not penetrate water to prevent algal growth
218 - Monitor, and clean sources that have become contaminated during droughts before use again
219 - Create firebreaks between bush and garden areas
220 - Remove unnecessary weeds, dead trees, dry branches and dry organic litter from gardens
221 - Relocate gardens away from fire prone areas
222 - Burn flammable grasses around gardens in the wet season to prevent excessive fuel buildup
223 - Throw moist plants (green) on the fire to slow and stop
224 - Revive cultural burning of grasslands
225 - Ensure that grassland burning is not undertaken in biodiversity rich areas
226 - Utilize firebreaks and windbreaks to prevent to spread of forest fires
227 - Discourage burning activities around forested areas during drought seasons
228 - Practice mix cropping/planting approach to prevent spread of fire