nominees for training on international environmental law and the oceans

Could you spare a few minutes please to submit a name or 2 for this training particularly private sector (but not NGOs)  along with their country/agency and email if possible. They needn’t be lawyers.

 Prof. Kaye at Uni of Wollongong  wishes to facilitate a group from around the Pacific undertake a short course in international environmental law and the oceans in Australia with funding under the Australia Awards Fellowships.

The next round of the program opens on 1 March and closes at the end of the month.

Nominees should be from Govt. or the private sector. There are 15 potential places but they would like a reserve of 10-15 additional names.

“Fellowships target current and future leaders and mid-career professionals who will be in a position to advance priority foreign affairs and development issues on their return home. Fellowship activities are aimed at providing high-quality training, exchange of expertise, skills and knowledge, and opportunities to enhance networks on issues of shared interest.”

Closing Date: